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Winter Battery Storage

Note: The lower the temperature will faster the electricity will be used.
Don't fully charge the battery, about 80% of the battery can be flushed, it is best to store it at room temperature, because lithium-ion batteries will be damaged at low temperatures.

Don't let your battery state at 0% empty power for more than one day, which will lead to your battery being in a state of full discharge for a long time, and will begin to damage the battery electrodes.

Front Fork Oil Leak

The oil leakage of the front fork may be caused by oil stains on the fork's inner tube.
It is recommended to leave it for a day after removing the oil stains.
If there is oil leakage the next day, there may be a problem with the seal ring.

If there are only oil stains exposed during riding, then the front fork is no problem, which is a normal phenomenon.
It is also possible that the locking function of the air pressure front fork is damaged, which will also lead to oil leakage

You can try using this way and see if it keeps leaking

Cannot Use Throttle or Pedal 

Please try the following steps to reset the bike's display.

⁠Locate the HIGO connection on the wire coming from the display

⁠Separate the connection by pulling it straight apart

⁠Leave the display disconnected for 2-3 minutes.

⁠Put the connection back together making sure to align the arrows on each side of the connection

⁠Power the bike on and try installing the firmware update again. The firmware update should finish 100%.


Reasons for Pedal Assist Not Working & How to solve the problem

1. Battery issues: If the battery is low or damaged, the pedal assist will not work.
Solution: Ensure that it’s fully charged and securely connected to the bike. If the battery is damaged or not holding a charge, you may need to replace it.

2. Wiring issues: If the wires connecting the pedal assist system to the battery or motor are damaged or loose, the pedal assist may not work.
Solution: check the wiring connecting the pedal assist system to the battery and motor. Make sure that the connections are secure and free from damage. If you notice any loose connections or damaged wires, you may need to repair or replace them.

3. Sensor issues: Super73 come with a sensor that detects pedaling motion and sends a signal to the motor to assist. If the sensor is faulty, the pedal assist will not work.
Solution: If the wiring and battery are okay, the next step is to check the sensor. Locate the sensor, usually located near the pedals, and ensure that it’s securely connected and free from damage. If the sensor is faulty, you may need to replace it.

4. Motor issues: The motor itself may be the problem. If the motor is damaged or not functioning correctly, the pedal assist will not work.
Solution: If none of the above steps works, the problem may be with the motor. Check the motor’s connections and ensure that it’s not damaged or malfunctioning. If the motor is the problem, you may need to replace it.


Reasons for Throttle Not Working & How to solve the problem

1. Incorrect Settings:There are some settings in Super73 ebikes that disable the ebike throttle & pedal assist sensors.
Basically, both features don’t work simultaneously. If pedal assist mode is activated (modes 1 & 3) then the throttle would not work. Ensure you have activated the throttle mode on your Super73 ebike which is generally on Mode 2 and 4.
Solution: Reset the controller,You would find a reset button on the controller of your Super 73 ebike. You can press the reset button with a paperclip or an equivalent tool by finding the hole where it is located.

2. Faulty Controller: the controller was unable to read the signal properly, it would make your ebike throttle non-responsive.
Solution: Check for damage on the throttle. If you notice any damage, it may be necessary to replace the throttle unit.


Connect Evmod Headlight and Turn signal Light to Super73 battery

It is recommended to install our headlight connected to a battery with a voltage of 12v.
The original Super73 is 48v, and the voltage of our headlight is not consistent. We also have converters if you want to plug and play.


Voltage problem & How to check it

Look at the control panel on the ebike and check whether the LEDs light up,If not, it either hasn't charged properly or there could be a blown fuse.


Reason for Brakes Not Working
Reduces their functionality and effectiveness to ageing with time. External dirt, debris in the brake system, broken brake pads, damaged rotors, and poor brake alignment can also lead to the brake malfunctioning.


What to Do If Your Brakes Are Not Working

If your electric bike’s brakes are not working, first clean out any dirt or debris in the brake system and the brake discs.  In the scenario that the brake pads and rotors are worn out or damaged, you’ll need to replace them.  Additionally, check the brake lever to see if it’s loose or not.   You can tighten a brake level to ensure more sensitive braking power.



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